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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:23:28 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] goblin puppet in the works

Thanks everyone!

I am super excited about his process and the results that it will yield.

Mathieu is correct!  This head started as a CG model in the computer.  I 
have had the guy in a file for a while now and decided to put the design 
into action.

To answer the questions I will bullet point;

-I add in detail and some further sculpting after the model is done in the 
-I coat the foam with an acrylic to seal the foam.  So the plaster does not 
"bite" as much.  If one needs to clean the  foam I use a solvent to get rid 
of  stubborn foam.  I also might be making the mold out of silicone, and 
then cast in something like smooth-on's Dragon Skin product.  Not sure.
- This will be a 2 part mold, as I have never had issue with seams being 
- Oh! cutting bread!  Yes, it can be done.

Mathieu, to answer your comments on barriers,

> -the need to make a 3D computer model to print (not many of us are trained
> with the software)

Creating New jobs! Just what we need!

> -or sending you the maquette so you can scan it in 3D (extra cost for
> shipping and scanning)

Creating new jobs and stimulating the economy!  Hey mail/delivery people 
need jobs too.  Heck, maybe some of them are part time puppeteers.

> -being dependent on someone else's expertise, schedule and equipment.

This is true, but this what you are asking a client to do when hiring you as 
well.  So could one really say this is a barrier? Or is it just part of the 
process of creating something great!

Warm regards,


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