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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 15:43:21 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] digital printing

Hi Robert.
I don't know the future.

But I suspect hands-on sculpting will not disappear.
The principles are the same.
If someone were to learn modeling in cyberspace only, the conversion to clay 
shouldn't be too difficult. There would be a learning curve, to get used to 
extra sensory stimulous. But making shapes in the box calls for the same 

Unless humanity has become too repulsed by actual physical contact with 
natural materials.
That condition is not that far fetched. I knew a guy who couldn't stand the 
feeling of oil-clay in his hands, although he proved to be very talented at 
modeling for the brief time he tried it.
I met people who couldn't sit down on the grass, for fear of insects and 
dirt. Some fundamental joys  of life can be taken away from us by letting 
misplaced fears and aritificial comforts fester.

There used to be a belief that actual printed books would stop being made, 
when e-books started to appear. There is a possibility we may get there yet, 
with e-book readers (like Amazon's Kindle)becoming so darn efficient and 
easy to read for the eyes.

But I think real book lovers will keep them alive. nothing beats abook in 
terms of efficiency.
In most conditions, we can read a real book. No software error possible, no 
special equipement needed.

I believe technology can improve or tarnish our lives. It is a set of tools, 
which we have to use properly.

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