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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 04:10:58 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] UNIMA-USA's 40 under 40

Has anyone got a copy of the latest issue of Puppetry International? I think
the highlight of the issue is "40 Under 40" profiles of 40 puppetry artists
making a difference and doing impressive work. I haven't seen the actual
issue myself yet, but read a bit about this online.

There are a lot of names on the list I was really happy to see - Gretchen
van Lente, Kate Brehm, Heather Henson, Basil Twist, Jason von Hinezmeyer
and Marsian Delellis among them - but is it just me or did this list ignore
film and video puppeteers in general and puppeteers who perform mainly on
the web in particular? Or was it suppose to just deal with theatre artists?

For example, Jim Napolitano is on the list (which is a no-brainer really),
but no Tim Lagasse? How did John Tartaglia get missed? Sean and Patrick
Johnson of Swazzle seem to be another glaring omission, if only because they
seem to be busier and more prolific than just about anybody working on the
West Coast right now.

To be fair, they acknowledge on the UNIMA website that "many worthy young
artists are missing" and no list like this is every going to be perfect. I'm
not really writing to criticize the list - I'm sure the editors/authors
worked hard on it and had to make some tough decisions - the whole concept
of it just kind of piqued my curiosity.

You can see the list online at

- Andrew
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