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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 16:16:18 GMT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Paul Zaloom in "Dante's Inferno"

What I love about "Dante's Inferno" is that first, it is TOY THEATER. And that as a film, it is EXPANDED TOY THEATER---there is not just one version of cutout characters, but versions with different poses or facial expressions. 

It gves new life to an old theater form. 

AND it is available for purchase.

As is Steven Ritz-Barr's FAUST, with beautiful small marionettes by Eugene Seregin which feels like traditional 3-D small theater. (Also available for purchase).

And speaking of film, CORALINE expands the possibilities of stop-motion puppetry. Many on puptcrit have seen it on 3-D screens, but I am amazed at the number of puppeteers who did NOT get to the theaters in time for its release.


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Subject: [Puptcrit] Paul Zaloom in "Dante's Inferno"

I just had the pleasure of watching "Dante's Inferno",  a miniature puppet
theater production, on DVD. It features some major stars along with Paul
Zaloom, and I think it is pretty great. The style recalls Jenny Geiser's
work, but there is some shadow puppetry and an outrageous in-person
appearance by Zaloom as Satan.

I'm very familiar with "the Inferno" - and even worked on a puppet opera
version with Indonesian artists entitled "Visible Religion" (toured Seattle,
Chicago) that was well received. This production has a lot of fun with the
revered text and puts a lot of your least favorite politicians where they
belong - in hell. The execution - music, sound design, lighting performances
- is excellent and raise the bar for puppet productions. A musical number
about lobbyists in Washington is worthy of Broadway.

I strongly recommend it. <> for more information.

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