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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Bail out/puppets unite

Hobey, you are so reminded me of all the doodles I used to
fill my notebooks with!

Mary H. 

On 4/1/09 6:06 AM, "Hobey Ford" <> wrote:

> Hi Nancy I actually handed the editing over to MaryRK who is an
> awesome writer so I think we're all set. And you are roight about
> writing structure.  I spent too much time in english class making flip
> animations on the edges of my text book.
> Thank you Nancy
> Hobey
> On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 7:43 PM,  <> wrote:
>> OMG, Hobey! I was working on the piece and just deleted the whole thing!
>> Could you send me another copy of the latest?
>> =A0 =A0Being an English teacher as well as a puppeteer, I had several
>> suggestions: 1) think of the piece in separate paragraphs. You would see it
>> immediately if you had to outline the whole thing. One paragraph is "what we
>> teach children." Others are: how we teach children; famous puppet characters;
>> how we impact society; our history; the world today.
>> =A02) You, like so many others, have com-itis; too many commas.
>> =A03) Use more semicolons to connect similar ideas. Nancy
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>> From: Hobey Ford <>
>> Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 19:53:19
>> To: <>
>> Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Bailout/puppets unite
>> All of your thoughts are appreciated. =A0It does get a little cliche-ish
>> and I am going to look at all of it with everyone notes and repost the
>> letter tomorrow. =A0It is meant to be sort of a lark and not entirely
>> serious while at the same time making =A0more of a statement of
>> misplaced priorities in our country. This isn't an organizing campaign
>> for funding or advocation for puppetry. Consider it a collective work
>> of art, an evidently very organic one. =A0I appreciate your ideas.
>> Thanks
>> Hobey
>> On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 7:20 PM, The Puppetry Arts Theatre
>> <> wrote:
>>> First of all its a cute idea and I wish you all the best. For those of you
>>> who are non profits you may want to approach your city council members and
>>> local arts organizations as they will soon receive NEA funding to support
>>> visual and performing arts programs in their communities.I reviewed many of
>>> the websites from your organizations and I noticed how most of them are very
>>> localized and host to a target audience that your city officials would
>>> appreciate.
>>> I also noted how many web sites are a bit too busy, fluffy, and not clean,
>>> clear and to the point. We recently received a grant to (very soon) overhaul
>>> our website to make it as such- which leads me to my intentions of this
>>> email.....
>>> No matter how much you love puppetry or how significant it is in your life,
>>> you wont get anywhere or anything if you don't present your self clean-cut,
>>> to the point, and professional. Adding things like "and fuzzy friends" is
>>> tacky and not something that allows an individual to take you seriously. Its
>>> just as bad as placing your own photo big time on your puppet webpage- its
>>> tacky. No brothers and sisters- this isnt the million man march or abc
>>> Sunday nite- instead us our partners, alumni, or fellow
>>> artists/performers/puppeteers..
>>> Basically you're asking for support. You're not gonna get a "puppet bail
>>> out" but there are opportunities to ask for funding as "a visual or
>>> performing artist" and having this kind of note or demonstration on line
>>> could be a perfect reference in your grant efforts.
>>> Within the NEA there are no "puppet" spots (unfortunately) There are however
>>> visual arts, theatre, and the like. You need to define yourself in a way
>>> that they can appreciate it. Its like writing a grant. I think you guys may
>>> be doing this more for fun and exposure rather then actually expecting
>>> funding from it (though that would be amazing) so again it could be a
>>> perfect reference.
>>> Writing your letter........
>>> Open the sentence with the specific goal- for example: Dear Sir, on behalf
>>> of the many multidiscipline artists within the puppetry community we are
>>> asking for.....etc etc.
>>> Never start off with a negative or make it too personal for them (ie:
>>> probably hasn't come to your attention etc)
>>> Never us clichés (child in every american, bringers of wonder and magic)
>>> Wonder and magic cannot be measured by a funding offices. Besides the fact
>>> again- it is tacky. I don't like being referred to as a bringer of wonder
>>> and least in my puppetry that is..
>>> Define what we do not in colorful words but in clear, clean, professional
>>> script.
>>> Don't talk about other professional puppeteers, characters or history as if
>>> your target audience is stupid. You spent too much time spilling out
>>> unnecessary background info and not getting to or making any point. You're a
>>> puppeteer- we get it, what do you want and how can it IMPACT your
>>> community?? That's what they are looking for.
>>> For example...
>>> "As visual and performing artists we provide/supplement creative
>>> opportunities for blah blah blah using the multidiscipline art of puppetry.
>>> This includes arts in education programs where youth blah blah blah and
>>> various sized puppet theatre inducing blah blah blah and often incorporating
>>> blah blah blah.
>>> Support for our efforts to provide blah blah blah programs through puppetry
>>> within our communities has had significant loss due to the failing economy.
>>> Together, the community of puppeteers would like to...blah blah etc etc etc
>>> Now Im using the structure of our own puppetry based organization. AND I may
>>> be taking it more seriously then you guys were (if so my bad) so I wont go
>>> into much more detail but I hope my info was helpful.
>>> I've enjoyed your bail out emails and wish you guys luck... I wish us all
>>> luck....
>>> ------------
>>> Dear Mr. President,
>>>> I write on behalf of America's Puppeteers. Our
>>> business sector
>>>> probably hasn't come to your attention in the recent
>>> economic
>>>> downturn, but we are a vital part of every child=B9s life in
>>> America,
>>>> not to mention the child in every American. =A0We are bringers of
>>> wonder
>>>> and magic. =A0We teach America's children to love literature, to
>>> read,
>>>> to know when to cross the street, to respect one another and
>>> otherwise
>>>> make their lives brighter. =A0Sasha and Melea know us well.
>>> Perhaps you
>>>> remember our puppets from your own youth. =A0You may have met
>>> our
>>>> brothers and sisters in Indonesia when you lived there as a child.
>>> While American's pinch their pennies and AIG executive=B9s take there
>>> millions of our tax dollars, we are the affordable entertainment in
>>>> the
>>> American community. We are the free programs at your public
>>>> library. =A0We
>>> are the assembly programs at every school in America. =A0We
>>>> are the ones
>>> teaching to the multiple intelligences through the arts
>>>> where other means
>>> fail. =A0We are in classrooms teaching the 21st
>>>> century skill of creative
>>> thinking and play. =A0We are the preservers of
>>>> America's veteran puppets,
>>> who taught, entertained, and uplifted your
>>>> parents and grand parents and
>>> your grand parent's parents. =A0We have
>>>> our own United Nations of puppeteers
>>> but when we get together there is
>>>> only laughter and tears of Joy. =A0We
>>> teach tolerance, we tell the story
>>>> of Harriet Tubman, and the folktales of
>>> the Native American, we help
>>>> children express themselves when their own
>>> words won't come. =A0We made
>>>> ET come to life, we live on Sesame Street, we
>>> brought Lion King to
>>>> life and saved Broadway, We are the animating soul of
>>> Howdy Doody,
>>>> Kookla Fran and Ollie and Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, We
>>> are the
>>>> balloon characters at the Macy's Day Parade. =A0We are the stars of
>>> the
>>>> opening of Olympic ceremonies, we foster children into the words of
>>> Shakespeare, and we speak truth to power in the streets on Mayday and
>>> helped America wake up to the horror of the Vietnam War. =A0 We let the
>>>> Moms
>>> and Dads laugh when they feel like crying. =A0 We are at bedsides
>>>> in
>>> children's cancer wards providing sometimes the last laugh of a
>>>> dying
>>> child. =A0We are among the oldest traditions on earth. =A0Our
>>>> ancestors rode
>>> the Silk Road with Marco Polo, entertained the royalty
>>>> of the old world,
>>> allowed the oppressed to laugh at their oppressors.
>>>> We lived in
>>> concentration camps and made our puppets from rags to
>>>> feign some joy for
>>> the children. =A0We are beloved around the world when
>>>> our government is
>>> hated. =A0We bring joy! =A0We are American made!
>>>> But many of us our
>>> watching our bookings slip away. =A0Some are
>>>> scrambling to make ends meet.
>>> Puppet collections older than your
>>>> grandparents are in need of a good
>>> home. =A0So we are writing you for
>>>> our own bailout. =A0We are vital to
>>> America's future. =A0 We voted for you
>>>> accept for one or two but they are
>>> our family and we love them all the
>>>> same. =A0While it looks likes the dogs
>>> who helped bring this country to
>>>> its knees have been bonused more than
>>> many of us will earn in a
>>>> lifetime, I think we need a little
>>> consideration. =A0A measly billion
>>>> would probably do the trick. We realize
>>> that you might laugh when you
>>>> read this but we'll just consider that a
>>> freebie. =A0In the mean time,
>>>> we'll take what we can get. =A0Its not a give
>>> away, we earned it and
>>>> deserve it, in fact I truly doubt that the nation
>>> will be any fun at
>>>> all if we go down. So come on buck up. =A0You know you
>>> want to. =A0You can
>>>> come visit our little family this summer at our National
>>> Puppetry
>>>> Festival in Atlanta. =A0We will treat you right and you may need a
>>> good
>>>> laugh by then as well.
>>>> Yours Truly,
>>>> The Family of American
>>> Puppeteers and our fuzzy friends
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