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    Very interesting discussion. I to tend to limit my thinking when 
building a show to the technical parts of the production. How will we pack 
that? How will we make that? or even that's too many puppets on stage for 2 
people to puppeteer. But luckily my wife sees the bigger picture.
    I can't tell you how many discussions ( and of coarse I really mean 
arguments) we have had in which she has been able to make me see the larger 
view of a show and not just the basic nuts and bolts.
    I may be bias on this but I think it is essential to have someone you 
trust to knock around your mental processes and help you see something new. 
I think (especially as you get older) that we all fall back on our own 
formulas and styles, unconsciously, and the more we are exposed to others 
input the better artist, performer, writer, ect. we are.

The Puppet People
Schenectady, NY
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>I  got to  thinking about the limitations we put on our work.
> When I create a show It has to fit in three boxes. Two are as large as
> allowable on the plane as suitcases and one oversized Bike box sort of
> thing.  I know that my life will become unreasonably stressed if I
> break that rule and that is including PA system. By the way Joe
> Cashore (who with Wilma is coming for the night enroute to Raleigh!)
> is using Bose 151 SE environmental speakers that weigh under 2 lbs
> each and fill a 300 seat hall beautifully.  I'm placing my order as
> soon as I recover from taxes. But I digress.  I also work alone
> because I cannot fathom how to split a paycheck. ( I have also come to
> realize that being a solo puppeteer is whole artform within puppetry
> which I love) I have to be prepared to perform for 6th graders or
> pre-k all in the same show.  I design shows to work for about 300 but
> up to 800 in a pinch.  I have to set up in 45 minutes and roll to the
> car in one load.  I have to expect that not all my venues won't be
> dark and often have huge windows. My venues will often present me with
> postage stamp stages. . This is just how things are and to a degree I
> have decided that the artistic aspects of this work have to balance
> with the part of the work which is my "Job" and I am willing to
> sacrifice control to a certain degree to make my "job" sane.  I hold
> to some things like I will hardly ever work outside.   The list of my
> limitations go a bit further but thats the jist of it.
> So the sky isn't the limit when I create a show.  I have to make
> sacrifices.  I'm not willing to have a huge truck full of bells and
> whistles, because thought of it exhausts me.  This has made my life
> easier.  I also know that a storyteller can walk on stage with a
> bottle of water and knock your socks off.  So all the limitations can
> be, well, limiting, but they also force me to be creative with the
> possibilities within these boundaries.  The limitations also are a
> good "check" on leaving the kitchen sink out of the show.  When I
> began creating shows the kitchen sink was definitely fair game and I
> had no clue as to what was essential.  So creatively and asthetically
> my tools are limited.  If I can't pull it off with 150 lbs of gear in
> their cases including the dolly, then thats that.
> What are your self inflicted limitations?
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