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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 19:10:15 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] boy scuplture

"Flyinghand" (please sign your messages),

I too am "guilty" of overusing extreme words like Awesome, Wonderful, and 

You see, maybe my vocabulary isn't as diverse as some self-proclaimed elite 
might wish.
Like Katy, I would much rather just express myself as I feel.
Not as some people would have me express.

There are also little things called context, intonation, and flexibility 
that come into the equation.
Context: it may be awesome within a category that the person is thinking 
Intonation: hard to tell, in a written email.
Flexibility: we should allow in our judgement that one person's criteria is 
different from ours, and even from their own, depending on the moment and 

I would add "feelings" as a criteria. Maybe a piece of work is touching us 
in a special way in the moment, and maybe for that moment, it is truly 

I understand the important of precise vocabulary in helping clarify 
communication, but that should be a personal effort, not an imposed one.

If your goal is to try to instigate martial law on Puptcrit, you'll find 
we're a resistant bunch of free thinkers.

Ok, ok, maybe I'm pushing my ionterpretation a bit far, taking things too 
personal. It's just that seeing such attacks on people who generously share 
their work with us really frustrates me.

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