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Good advice Bob! I really do find that mailed contracts get back to me on time?far more often. One of the reasons I put a due date on the contract is that so many clients ask if I can get that contract to them ASAP so I figure they should get it back to me within a reasonable time. I also find with schools that very often the person I send the contract to is not the person who is signing it so I hope the due date helps the person signing the contract realize that they need to get it back to me. The problem I find with faxed contracts is that very often they fax back the invoice and not the contract. I think part of this problem stems from the fact that we are just some?guy who does puppet shows, not a REAL business. I also take a receipt with me to all performances. I once had a lady turn to her fellow teacher and say ,and I quote " Oh isn't that cute? They even have a receipt"


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Hi Dave,
     Practically since I first got started, I have always snail mailed two 
copies of a contract, with one copy to be signed and mailed back to me.   I 
always include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  I put a colored sticky on one 

copy of the contract, reminding the sponsor that they need to sign one copy.   
This is because people seem to be reading less and less with each passing day. 
  I have never put a date that the contract needs to be returned by.   
However, that may change at any moment.
     I am finding that sponsors say they never received the contract, or they 
lost it, or yada yada yada.   It seems people's lives are getting more 
complicated, and I, like you, are spending more time on the phone reminding 
that they have not yet sent their contract back to me.
     In this age of shrinking bookings, I hate to lose a gig just because the 
sponsor hasn't returned it by a specified time.   I would just advise 
everyone to stay on top of the situation, and pleasantly remind the sponsor that 
have reserved the specified date for them, and you need their signed contract 
to be returned to you as soon as possible.
     Bob N.

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