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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 10:43:01 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Contracts and invoices

>  I think part of this problem stems from the fact that we are just 
>some?guy who does puppet shows, not a REAL business.

Maybe, but that doesn't quite explain the fact that business 
enterprises from AT&T and US Airways on down to your local 
short-order shop seem to be afflicted with ADD, hearing loss, 
vertigo, cross-eyes and undifferentiated confusion.  The excuse is 
that our lives are too busy, but when were they not?  I used to 
wonder if it's the microwaves riddling what's left of our brains, but 
now I'm starting to joke about it, and when I start to joke it means 
I'm taking it seriously.  A more optimistic view is that it's 
millions and millions of people utterly alienated from the jobs 
they're slogging through.  But that doesn't account for the dedicated 
actor who doesn't show for rehearsal because "I got it mixed up on 
the calendar."  Or is it computer screens that are inducing premature 
senility to us huddled masses?

I realize I'm conflating a vast array of disparate phenomena here, 
but with the daily battery of confusions encountered (and finding 
that I contribute to it at times as well), I'm expecting any day to 
see a Punch & Judy where the baby beats the crap out of Mr. Punch 
without the puppeteer intending it at all.

Cheers, grimly-
Conrad B.
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