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Beautiful!  I was afraid we were digressing into a "too many cooks"
situation, but Mary has maintained the charm and spontaneous feel of Hobey's
original while doing the necessary cleaning up and paring down.  Thanks to
both of you for such wonderful, heartfelt work.


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Mary Robinette Kowal kindly edited the letter and it is ready to go.
It is yours now.

An open letter to our President, and all Americans

Our business sector probably hasn't come to your attention in the
recent economic downturn, but we are a vital part of life in America.
We bring wonder and magic, teach children to read, teach adults to
think and play to the child in all of us.

We are American puppeteers.

Sasha and Malia know us.  Perhaps you met our brothers and sisters as
a child in Indonesia. While Americans pinch their pennies and AIG
executives take their bonuses, we are the affordable entertainment in
the American community.

We are the free programs at your public library. We are teaching
through the arts where other means fail. We teach tolerance through
the story of Harriet Tubman or the folktales of the Native American.

Puppetry spans the ages, teaching the 21st century skill of creative
thinking with one of the oldest traditions on earth.

Our ancestors rode the Silk Road with Marco Polo, entertained the
royalty of the old world and allowed the oppressed to laugh at their
oppressors. We lived in concentration camps and made our puppets from
rags. We speak truth to power in the streets on Mayday and demonstrate
the horror of war.

We live on Sesame Street and Broadway and in children's cancer wards.
We are the animating soul of Howdy Doody, Kookla Fran and Ollie, E.T.
and Kermit the Frog. We are the balloon characters at the Macy's
Thanksgiving Day Parade. We are the stars of the Olympic opening

So when someone asks you why you're funding the arts, point to us.
This is our job.

We are American puppeteers.

Visit the broad world of American puppetry this summer at our National
Puppetry Festival in Atlanta. from July 14-19 2009.  Let us help you
teach America to re-imagine itself.

Yours Truly,
The Family of American Puppeteers
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