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I tell them I have another appointment to confirm for that date, however I
am happy to honor their request before all others if they could have their
downpayment (or whatever you require) to me by such and such.


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Subject: [Puptcrit] Contracts and invoices

Dear Puptcritters,

To confirm every booking I fax or mail my clients a performance agreement,
which is just a simple one page contract with my signature, and a numbered
invoice. I put a due date of two to three weeks later that the signed
performance agreement must be received by my office. I do my best to get the
contract to the people the day they make the booking, I also tell them on
the phone threat the contract is due on such and such a date.?The signed
contract either comes back within a day or two, or as happens more and more,
the due date goes past and I start calling clients asking for a signed copy
of the contract. I have noticed that the contracts I mail almost are never
late, but I do include a self addressed stamped envelope.

I get the usual spate of excuses, they did not know they needed to sign
anything, their fax machine is broken, [it's amazing how many people have
broken fax machines]?they never got it, yadadayada.......

I?have all contracts due on ?Friday, if I do not receive it I make a call on
the following Monday. Two Mondays ago I found myself with eight phone calls
to make, all to clients I have dealt with for many years, after the usual
excuses and promises to get it to me asap I received a grand total of two
contracts. I called all six of the clients again this past Wednesday and
received one more contract. I hate to nag people, but there comes a point
where I just want to tell people to sh_)&% or get off the pot. 

So folks, how do you all handle this?

Dave Herzog

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