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Hello all;
    Regarding returned contracts, I find that every year tends to be 
different. Last year for me was great, most returned the contract with 
directions (yes it's true) but this year people seem to have forgotten 
everything. I can't tell you how many contracts I have had to hound down to 
get it back.
    I tend to deal with this problem in 2 ways, 1st at the beginning of 
every month I go through our file for that month and check to see who hasn't 
send back the contracts and then either call them or drop an e-mail. 
Secondly, if for some reason we don't get it back by show date I bring a 
copy of the contract to the show location and have our sponsors sign it 
before we do anything. But always we have a contract if fact we insist on 
    I just think that this year is going to be one of those bothersome years 
for contracts.

The Puppet People
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I've been emailing my contracts for a couple of years now. It does save 
stamp money and I find that everybody gets them. Jim's right about the 
deposit too - that'll get the contract back. Sometimes I get a deposit 
returned without a contract, but that works for me.
With the computer program (Daylite) I have that keeps my database and 
schedule and sends contracts, I can't actually sign them (or at least I'm 
not savvy enough to figure out how to do it), so my signature on the 
contract isn't actually my signature - it's a handwriting font. But the 
contract must be returned to me with an actual signature on it. I've never 
gotten a complaint about my signature. I find that most clients are as 
anxious to have a contract as we are.

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Anyone else accept electronic signatures?

Diane Kordas

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