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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 09:18:25 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] signed contracts

We're about the same, Hobey.

No deposit required, don't sweat it too much if contract not back  
right away, mostly emailing contracts and promo materials now.

Been in business 15 years, only time we didn't get paid was an agent  

But I'm in charge of the business end of things, and I like to keep  
things as simple as possible, for selfish reasons.  Others may want  
more up-front accountability for their own peace of mind.


Anne Schaefer

On Apr 5, 2009, at 9:06 AM, Hobey Ford wrote:

> I haven't taken deposits for twenty years.  The only time I was
> stiffed was with a signed contract.  It was a week of work in Texas
> and it took a year to get paid.  They'd lost funding and didn't find
> the need to clue me in.  It was a reputabale outfit too and I'd worked
> for them before.  I think either way we are fortunate to work in a
> fairly reliable industry.  Have many of you had problems getting paid?
> I routinely have people forget to bring the check or make it out
> wrong or for some reason need to mailk it.  I've  found that it is
> best to smile and say that will be fine to mail it later.  Again I
> have always gotten the money.  Hold on there was the time 30 years ago
> that I was paid with a cake.  But it was a verbal agreement and there
> was no contract.  I am also thrilled to only get electronic contracts.
> There is far less error in filing them etc.  My agent holds the paper
> contract and sends only the pdf.  Also saves tons on postage.  If I
> had to book myself again I'd want that signature faxed at the least.
> We do a one page straight forward contract and a rider attached
> confirming that they understand: stage size, darkened room if
> necessary, PA issues and technical aspects so they see it very
> clearly.  We also highlight the section on how to make out the check
> and then send a reminder on that point for it is the only routinely
> messed up point.
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