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Subject: [Puptcrit] thanks Henson...and everyone else!

Hey if anyone wants to know what the owner/director of a puppet company does
this a perfect description...only add building the puppets, sets and props;
touring, hiring, performing and raising funds!


If anyone is looking for performing work this fall please email me off
Puptcrit. We will also be at the JOB FAIR on July 19 at the Puppeteers of
America Festival. 


The PuppeTree owes a lot of thanks to Puptcrit for throwing questions out
there and getting answers. We are still searching for a diversity idea for a
sing along song but thanks to everyone who suggested things. And a big
thanks to Steve Hollow at Penny Pretzel Playhouse and Brad Shur of  Sun Rise
Puppets plus all of PoA for the helping us receive a Emma Louise Warfield
Memorial scholarship to attend the festival this summer in Atlanta! I can't
wait to see and hear Hobey and Mary's letter read to all those puppeteers.


So thanks everyone,


Ann Legunn



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Job Description:


The Jim Henson Company

Jim Henson=92s Creature Shop

Sales Associate/Manager

Job Description





=95 Build business relationships and maintain contact list.

=95 Research industry daily for projects in development and those recently
green lit.

=95 Identify potential jobs for bids.

=95 Make initial contact calls, set up conference calls and attend sales/bid

=95 Meet with in-house creative personnel to stay current with active projects
and future desired work.

=95 Keep current samples of work readily available.

=95 Develop and maintain comprehensive portfolio for all service areas
including but not limited to: Television, Features, Commercials,
Theatrical/Live Performance, Animation, Interactive, New Media, Walk-Around
/Appearance for animatronics, soft puppetry, and digital performance. 

=95 Monitor web sites for JHC, competitors, and potential clients.

=95 Assist in preparing actual bids and project budgets as needed.

=95 Work closely with Department Head in setting and achieving realistic
business goals within the framework of the current core business.

=95 Increase business opportunities for all three shops (Creature Shop, New
York Workshop, and Digital Puppetry Studio) by pursuing creative endeavors
that welcome new challenges and use of cutting edge technologies, which
maximizes our creative talent preceding our reputation.

=95 Attend industry related events that allow networki

ng and sales opportunities.

=95 Travel as necessary.

=95 Manage company sales budget.

=95 Keep accurate records and files.


Job Requirements



Qualified candidates must be positive, energetic, enthusiastic, and possess
excellent communication skills. Knowledge of industry players and current
industry projects through ongoing research and networking is essential.


This individual will work closely with creative personnel in developing
realistic offers and will be responsible for expanding business


Evening and weekend hours plus travel may be necessary. Bachelor degree
and/or substantial industry experience is required (related field
preferred). The position is full-time salaried with a comprehensive benefit
package and is based in the Hollywood office.


A charming candidate with a fun-filled sense of humor should submit his/her
resume with cover letter via email.


No phone calls please.


Please contact The Jim Henson Company:

via email or mailing address












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Admin interface:


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