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Contracts are more than an agreement.  They are an organizational tool for
me and perhaps for the client.  I have technical information in the contract
(a rider, if you will) that I want written proof of them having read it.  It
can be a receipt, if you have a little space "for office use only" where you
write "deposit 4/7, PIF, etc".  Contracts don't exclude you from doing
business "on a handshake." I often write to clients "I understand that your
accounting procedures won't allow you to remit a deposit, but I would
appreciate being paid-in-full on the performance date."  Those that use
contracts don't recoil when someone says "I would rather have a 1:30
performance instead of 2:00."  It is just a good communication tool.  It
just seems to me it is good business.


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Although - know that it is not a good way to do business..... 

In 32 years never had a contract (except with companies that insisted) and
never accepted a depsoit. 

My word is my bond and others behave in the same fashion. 

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