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Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 03:29:16 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Cashore Marionettes: new demo reels
Look under Gallery, then Video.

The first video (still there, called Short Documentary) was impressive 
already, but I was wishing for more close-ups, more insight, and more 

The new videos (Lif in Motion & Simple Gifts) have it all!
We finally see the puppets move very close to the camera.
An electric guitar player moves his fingers!
There is a sequence of a horse running, which they show in slow-motion!
We get to know more about the builder/puppeteer. We even see the intricate, 
mind boggling controller, much better than before.

Both new videos contain about the same footage and information, although 
each has its own exclusives.   What them both t'ill the end, as the credits 
feature more puppet fun.

After seeing this, what venue wouldn't want to book that show?

Definitely a link I'm going to share more often.

I hope this addition to Cashore's website will encourage more marionette 
puppeteers to have good demo reels like this.
Still too rare a treat!

I may sound like a total fan boy, but that's my lot: around here, we don't 
see that many marionette shows, that form has been mostly abandoned decades 
ago, to the profit of other, more immediate forms. The only truly pro 
marionette show I've seen in person, was a short number by Basil Twist.
In 5 minutes, his work with Stickman convinced me that marionettes could 
indeed represent simple and complex emotions through grace and precision.

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