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Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 09:03:12 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Cashore Marionettes: new demo reels

It was great seeing Joes show over and over again.  I examined his
controls but it does no good.  He makes them so uniquely I think only
his hands can make them work.  The important thing is they work for
him.  I did the same tour years ago with Richard Bradshaw and it was
more of the same.  Killer reviews and standing ovations.  Again though
it was worth touring along in his shadow just to study his work.  He
is brilliant!  Not fun to be compared against though. ;o)
The circuit is The International Festivals for Children.  They have a
showcase you apply to and there is the possibility of working in
Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Scranton, Toronto, London Ontario, Winninpeg
Saskatoon, Calagary and Vancouver and a few others.  I got to do one
in Singapore once which was very exciting.  You are lucky to get one
city but some performers are block booked for many.  I did maybe three
some seasons if I was lucky.  You get to meet all types of performers
from around the world.  The funding has been way off lately and I
haven't gotten any work from them in several years.  I encourage
others to google the topic and apply for the showcase.  If you do get
a slot to showcase, you get top perform your entire show which is
awesome for a showcase.  If you don't get a slot reaply consider
applying next  again, because it can take time to get a showcase slot.
 They are looking for "different " unusual work.  You might as well
contact the individual festivals as well.

2009/4/6 Mathieu René <>:
> You lucky/unlucky dude!
> Lucky because you saw these creations up close countless times.
> And unblucky for the comparison you had to live with. Very strange pairing
> they created.
> Two completely different niches of Puppetry. They should have taken their
> cues from big music tours. At least keep styles similar! =A0Who are "they"
> anyways?
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