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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 09:51:52 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] how to consider


	Several quick responses to this interesting thread before
romping out the door for Atlanta.

>Conrad, you are lucky to have actually had the luxury of retiring!

	Probably we need a better word here, since we still do
exactly the same work, sometimes 16-hr days, and scramble for every
gig, just for very few bucks.  I'd prefer to call it "art via senior

>Puppetry at its best is often very minimal, it can be created out of
anything.  It is nice to have a budget, but creativity can fill in and
often better than a purchased solution.

	Very true, though creativity is a cranky cuss; sometimes it
rousts you up with a great idea that costs money.  My entire
materials budget for THE TEMPEST (set, puppets, costumes, lights,
sound & props) is $2,000.  My costumer is working on NEVERLAND, a
show at the local university, with a budget of $13,000.  Do I envy
that?  You betcha.  It's quite possible, true, that someone could do
an unforgettable TEMPEST with nothing more than two bare hands -
maybe a good topic for a workshop next festival: "Bare-knuckle

>I'll wager that there were many a shaman/puppeteers who did very
>nicely 20 thousand years ago without
the NEA.

	They had the full support of the NEA; they just hadn't
invented acronyms yet.  Grant support came from the rest of the tribe
rewarding him for his efforts with a sack of grain and a slice of
smoked mammoth.

>Any one out there who can report gold or silver linings in the distance?

	Many persons with near-death experiences have reported a
bright light at the end of a tunnel.  We hear only from the ones who
did not choose to go there.

Conrad B.
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