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The big cat house at the zoo....
not so bad but it took a really long time to get the smell out of my 
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>I once did a Christmas tour of New York City D'Agostino Supermarkets. The
> store managers objected to having the shows which they considered an
> annoyance imposed on them by the higher ups. Every time I would show up at 
> a
> supermarket, they would try to find a place for the show or tell me to 
> find
> my own place. I performed in produce aisles, in the deli section, in front
> of closed cashiers, in the place where they usually kept the shopping 
> carts.
> The PR firm which had hired a number of performers for these shows was 
> fired
> half-way through the run. When the management was reminded that they had
> contracts with the performers and still had to pay us for the shows 
> whether
> we did them or not, they kept the shows going but removed all the 
> publicity
> so no one in the stores had any idea what we were doing there. On top of
> this, there were very few children in the stores, so I often had to drag
> down a child as he passed to perform for (there's audience participation) 
> so
> I could get in the contracted number of shows.
> Preston
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> There were a number of venues during our tour of Siberia many years ago 
> that
> where pretty unusual for an American Company from Upstate NY.  Here in
> Syracuse, using an old Armory as the setting for a Greek Tragedy with a
> giant puppet of Zeus played from the roof and the underworld emanating 
> from
> the ramps down into the lower levels of the Armory was pretty interesting.
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>> Not as good as the others, I think but definitely different. We once did 
>> a
>> Ramedan show in a dorm lounge for the Turkish Students Association. We 
>> did
>> some Nazruddin with hand puppets and also some marionette numbers.  I 
>> also
>> spent a summer doing once a week entertainment at a turkish restaurant 
>> for
>> turkish tea and the occasional meal.  I wanted experience up close and
>> personal with an audience. I always got free tea at that restaurant and I
> have
>> a rather large capacity for hot tea.
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