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As John said, we have all had similar experiences. Unusual ones for Joan and
I were:
During breakfast in a hotel in Ghent, Belgium. The festival organiser (Freek
Neirynk) had booked us extra performances for the festival sponsors. We were
doing a marionette show and the dining room ceiling was low but the large
ceiling tiles were removable so our heads were out of sight in the void
above, while guests were walking past our stage with their cereals and
orange juice. 
Freek also booked us in to the huge marble hall of a bank on a Sunday
morning.  The bank was closed for business although the entrance hall was
open.  I think we had an audience of just four people who must have found it
impossible to comprehend the dialogue as the sound reverberated round and
Most unusual of all was attempting to perform Punch & Judy mid-Atlantic on
The Empress of France en route to Canada during what was called a 'light
swell'. The liner was flat-bottomed (in order to be able to navigate the St
Lawrence River) so it rolled back and forth.  The booth managed to stay
upright, but I recall a set of drums fell of the stage and rolled across the
That's enough from me.

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Hi have a feeling reading these unusual places to perform that many of  
us have shared similar experiences. I have been booked into a  
Sainsbury supermarket in the U.K. for 3 consecutive years by the Store  
Manager promoting charity for Children in Need. Not exactly my  
favourite spot to perform with busy shoppers. I was also booked for  
two consecutive years in a local Parish Church to present Tales of  
Claudia Witch in Rumbles Wood in front of the High Altar for their  
Sunday School Treat.

All part of life's rich pattern.

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