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Wow, Linda, what a great experience -- not that I'd want to do it!  Which state did you tour?

Brid in Toledo

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In a school bus. We ripped out the seats, built a stage at the back of the
bus where two puppeteers sat flat on their fannies and operated hand puppets
overhead. A light and sound booth was built right behind the driver's seat,
so we hired a driver/usher/light&sound operator.

We installed two big air conditioners on the roof, blacked out all the
windows, installed retractable light-tight curtains at the entrance because part
of the show was in black light. We built levels covered with indoor/outdoor
carpeting so kids were also sitting flat on their fannies, with the ones
furthest from the stage sitting up two levels higher than the kids right in
front of the stage, for improved sightlines. The levels had traps, so we could
get at the teachers' guides stored under the levels. The outside was custom
painted so there was no ignoring this bus as it travelled down the road.

We were hired by our state's Dept. of Transportation Safety and developed a
show specifically about pedestrian and bicycle safety for K-6. It was a fun
show, with lots of music and original songs. It even featured three
dancing/singing chorus pigs (and this was pre Miss Piggy). We were self-contained
and could pull into a school's parking lot, run some extention cords into the
building to run our A/C and lights/sound, and entertain 60 kids at a time.

After the school year ended, we spent the summer travelling to every little
county and fireman's carnival the state offered, where we were often in
competition with the hog calling and sheep shearing contests. The state agency
did all the bookings, gave us a regular paycheck, booked us into the best
motels available, pretty much treated us like stars. We got to see our entire
state and had a grand time.


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