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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:29:52 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Aurora Valentinetti Video

Thanks for the link, Dimitri. The interview with Aurora is wonderful.

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Hello  Puptcritters,

I know several on puptcrit have been interviewing  puppeteer  
pioneers.  Recording puppet history is an important  effort and a  
talented local artist, Arne Zaslove, just pointed me to  a video he  
made about Aurora  Valentinetti:

With  Seattle Channel and Arne Zaslove, it is a welcome surprise that  
this  effort is also being undertaken by people not within our little   
circle.  For those of you who might not know Aurora (now retired  in  
Seattle), she was responsible for the puppetry program at  University  
of Washington for a few decades and has a little museum  in Bremerton,  
Washington (a short ferry ride from Seattle).   The collection reminds  
me of Ballard Institute in Connecticut, in  that, many of the pieces  
are works made by students for productions  at the university.   
Aurora, like Frank Ballard, also collected  a good number of puppets  
from around the world.  If anyone is  in the area, she recently  
curated an exhibit in Olympia,  Washington.  I have not yet seen it so  
can not report anything  more about this exhibit.  Perhaps someone  
else can fill us in  with news from Olympia?

Although, the video doesn't talk about Arne, he  is a fascinating  
fellow who studied in Paris with Locoq (spelling?),  is very  
knowledgeable about commedia dell'arte and has a great  appreciation  
for puppetry (sometimes incorporating puppets into his  plays).  He is  
a well-regarded director for the live actor  stage and often works  
with masks.  Recently, he started making  these short documentaries on  
local artists, like Aurora.  He  has created several but apparently  
only one other (about a sculptor)  has been made available through  
Seattle Channel so  far.

Seattle Channel is an interesting experiment.  It was created  for the  
public broadcast of city council hearings but nobody really  wants to  
watch constant reruns of meetings.  A specific focus  on arts coverage  
was implemented a few years back with money  dedicated from the cable  
company under part of their agreement to  operate within the city.  If  
you search, I  imagine they archive some of the  
other puppet coverage too.  If  you have one of those channels where  
you live, it might be worth  asking if they want to do a story on your  
puppets.  Free  publicity is always good.  I think a few people have  
learned  about us by channel surfing past Seattle Channel and the arts   
certainly don't get much airtime elsewhere.


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