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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 10:56:27 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Sesame Street Celebration - Washington, DC, Nov 15

Greetings Critters,

   I have been asked to pass along this information. It contains a small 
discount for P of A members, but many others may want to know about it 
too. If someone here that is on Muppet Central, Puppet Hub, or knows 
other puppet interested parties and could also pass this along, it 
would be appreciated.


  Here's the info...

Sesame Street=92s 40th Birthday Party
The Smithsonian is throwing a birthday bash for America=92s favorite 
children=92s television show=97and you=92re invited! Grover, Elmo, Abby 
Cadabby and their closest friends, Muppeteers Kevin Clash, Leslie 
Cararra-Rudolph, and Eric Jacobson will join Sesame Street=92s Executive 
Producer Carol-Lyn Parente to talk about the show=92s 40 years of fuzzy 
and furry fun and learning. They will also share some clips from the 
very first season in 1969 and scenes from brand new episodes. After the 
show, meet the Muppeteers and buy the beautiful anniversary book Sesame 
Street: A Celebration of Forty Years of Life on the Street from Black 
Dog and Leventhal.
All Ages
Sunday, November 15, 1:30pm
Lisner Auditorium
George Washington University
21st & H St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20052
*Special Event Tickets: $15.00 for Resident Associate Members, $18.00 
for Non-Members
$17.00 for Puppeteers of America members
In order to receive this special rate, members must call our box office 
at 202.633.8700 and specify that they are members of PoA. This offer 
cannot be redeemed on line.
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