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Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 14:22:31 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] 8 Years After 9/11/01

On Sep 11, 2009, at 12:08 PM, Michael Moynihan wrote:

> Where were you?
> How did it affect your work?
> - m

I was in Florida, doing a build of animated topiary for Busch Gardens 
Tampa's Hallow-Scream, very frustrated because the people I contracted 
under got NONE of the materials I asked for prior to my arrival. And 
not much more of it after I got there. There was a narrow window of 
build time. I kept having to adjust and redesign and adjust and 
redesign again, substituting one thing for another and making resulting 
changes. I was supposed to be done and fly out on the 12th. Things were 
VERY behind and not turning out anywhere near what was envisioned. On 
the 10th, we were discussing the state of the shaky economy during 
lunch break. I commented that a war always perks an economy up, though 
I was not advocating one. Then shortly after beginning work on the 
11th, the first tower was hit. Then the second. At that point, I quoted 
Bugs Bunny "I suppose you know, this means war!" (I'm not prophetic, or 
particularly wise. I just saw the clues writ large. Wish I was wrong.) 
Because all of the airports were shut down, and rental cars were 
getting to be kind of rare, I was stuck there for a few extra days and 
was able to get more work done on the project. In the end, finished was 
better than perfect, but the events of 9/11 certainly made the 
complaints about the lack of proper materials seem pretty petty in 

As to the long term affect, I'm sure I am not alone in the fact that 
things have been on a steady decline thereafter. It's like a series of 
short and long hills down, with some brief level times between. Off 
hand, I can't think of one major upwards spike in business since 9/11. 
Yes, there have been other factors, but it has been a long and steady 
ride to the bottom. Or at least I HOPE I've already hit bottom. Every 
time I think things can't get much slower, they do. I guess I have to 
just stop thinking. That seems to have worked for people very 
successfully in some other fields - but I don't really want to open 
those cans of worms, so I'll leave it at that small attempt at some 
side humor.

As to the affect on the kind of work I do, that hasn't changed much as 
I am mostly into K-5 and Family audience material and it's not 
political in nature.

Pray (in whatever way suits you) for the souls of all of those who's 
lives have been lost as a result of the actions on 9/11. That includes 
all of those on that day, and in the conflicts since then - on both 
sides. And another prayer for all of those they have left behind, 
including you and I, but especially for those they loved and who loved 


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