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Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 08:45:27 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] in the middle of somewhere

We all have had those gigs in the middle of nowhere.  They have become
trophy gigs for me and are always memorable.  There was the tour of N.
Dakota Indian Reservations and small ranch towns (the cowboys and
Indians tour), The gig out 17 miles of gravel Mt roads in an family
lodge or the two room school house in a remote bayou of Louisiana.
Yesterday I travelled to the Elkland International Festival of
Puppetry in the town, or village, of Todd NC To call it a town is a
stretch.  There were  about three businesses one of which was an art
center another the bakery/gallery and a nice general/antique/deli
store. So statistically speaking this was an Arts mecca.  As I
approached the end of my journey ooon woiinding mt roads  the gps
directed me down a dirt road, where the village materialized.   I
spotted my sponsor and and several puppeteers in the road and was
directed where to set-up.  It seemed it would be a day of performing
for the othere pouppet troupes as the place was remote and there was
no sign of gathering crowds.  After some of the best BBQ I've eaten,
at the general store I went back to the venue and as if out of thin
air people began to arrive and all had a fine time.  Martha Enzman and
the folks at The Elkland ASrts Center put on the festival and were
great hosts.  Other performers included Madison J Cripps and Keith
Shubert.   Black Elk said the center of the universe was Harney peak,
which is to say wherever you happen to be.   It was a fine day of
puppetry in the middle of somewhere.

Where have you enjoyed performing at "the end of the road"?
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