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Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 18:21:16 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Z RosenSchnoz replaces a Circus Minimus

I guess Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer will feel less lonely now. Yay!

For the record, there was another "Circus Minimus" here in Los Angeles in the early 1960s. It was Hank Rabey (originally from Geogia), who also used the word "puffets" instead of "puppets", in emulation of "Muppets"---the chief difference being that "Muppet" has world-wide significance to this day, and "puffet" really has no significance at all.

Two of the first paste-ups I ever did for advertising fliers, was for Hank's "Circus Minimus" shows.

Hank had a zany sense of humour. Once he incorporated an 8 mm movie clip projected behind a couple of puppets in a front seat of a prop car. This was inspired by the car scenes in the movie, "Mad, mad, mad (etc.) World" which held the record for the most car smashes in a film and car chases, when it came out.

Hank also worked with Sid & Marty Krofft's "Les Poupees de Paris" in Hollywood and at the Seattle World's Fair (1962).

So many fan/entertainment magazines at the market checkout stands this weekend with Patrick Swayze on the cover---Patrick showed the importance of valuing life and living it to the best of his ability. That was a REAL value system.

Hank Rabey, in his twenties, often spoke of committing suicide when he got to his thirties. Hank did not want to grow old. He got to his thirties and kept on breathing, so I thought his suicide-talk was a phase he got through.

The last time I saw him was about ten years later, with long scraggily hair, looking like a latter-day John the Baptist fresh in from the desert. Youthfulness had escaped him---it was disconcerting to see him like that.

Later there was a report that he failed in a suicide attempt. More time passed. Then the final report, he succeeded in doing himself in on a road near Magic Mountain Amusement Park. Kind of ironic, since it was not an amusing thing to do.

You think you know somebody, and find  a stranger. Hic Jacet Hank Rabey. (Here lies Hank Rabey).

As long as birds fly, flowers bloom, our health survives, people care, and there are good puppet shows to see, life has something for us all.

I wish Hank had understood that.

Well, I'm glad that Zee has retired her "Circus Minimus" and embarked with a circusy red nose. May it be a happy time!

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Ladies and Gentlemen...we introduce you to
Z Puppets Rosenschnoz!

After 10 years of as Circus Minimus Puppetry, we are changing our 
name to Z Puppets Rosenschnoz. Our new website is

Why? In our mission to delight children and adults with feats of 
imagination across the land, we wanted a bolder name-- one with a 
little more zip and zing--- one that distinguishes us from another 
company named Circus Minimus.

>From the other end of the alphabet, we shall continue our quest to 
>present simply exquisite family entertainment combining puppetry 
>with physical comedy and music. We invite you to join us as we jump 
>into Z future!

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