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Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 16:38:59 -0700
Subject: [Puptcrit] Tempest

Opened THE TEMPEST on Friday, 2nd show Saturday, today cleansed souls 
at the ocean, high tide & tumultuous.  Posting some photos & stuff 
later today, will send word.  Four weeks more to play.  Sebastopol, 
CA, if you're in the vicinity.

I can't claim we're world-class puppetry yet, as none of the actors 
except myself has ever picked up a puppet - and watching the videos I 
find I'm doing exactly the things I'm beating on them not to do. 
Despite very long pre-production work, the rehearsal schedule itself 
has been less than a lot of community theatres, so I depend on vast 
quantities of email notes - not the best way to communicate in a 
physical art.

But it's a fair cut above average, I think, and growing.  In this 
area (North Bay California), people haven't seen anything remotely 
like this, and clearly they're stunned by the power & aliveness of 
the puppets.  Whether the play itself is comiing through, I can't 
tell; afterwards, they only talk about the puppets.

I'll try to do some diagrams of our manipulation mechanism, which is 
amazingly fluid, and while I'm sure it's been used elsewhere, I've 
never seen it.  I'd love to see others pick it up and suggest 
improvements.  But that's for a post when I finish my tech list for 
next week.

Wanting badly to continue evolution on this, hopefully finding 
theatres in other locations who can collaborate in remounting & 
evolving with our design/tech/staging but their actors.  We'll see. 
Meantime, starting to work on a dvd, shooting pretty much every one 
of the next 16 performances & editing from there.

Peace & joy-
Conrad B.
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