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You know, I thought that puptcrit was slow these days but it looks like I am 
not getting all the posts because I didn't get Roland's but did get Nancy's.

Anyway, I have Phillip's pattern for the paddle control. He had helped Lisa 
Sturz with the marionettes in her Big Dipper Show. What wood do you use? 
How thick? I don't want a removable leg bar but there is a version that has 
attached leg strings.  Not really sure how that would work, doesn't 
everything else move when the legs move?. Also, it looks so large and there 
is no place for elbow strings which I think are very expressive.  The 
puppets are between 18 and 20 inches and will be worked at table top level. 
They may also need to be hung on stage sometimes.

Fred Sauers, from Chicagoland. has a control that looks very interesting but 
he said that the leg control portion needs to be very, very precise to work 
properly. There was a copy of his design in one of the Great Lakes Festival 
workshop books from about 10 years ago.


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Where can I get an illustration of that paddle control? Nancy
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I've used several types of controls -- and I was introduced to the paddle by 
Phillip Huber. If you build your puppet with a paddle control, it's probably 
the best. If you want to change from another control to a paddle, it's very 
difficult. It's all a matter of what you get used to, I think.


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Subject: [Puptcrit] airplane or paddle

I am working on some acting marionettes and wanted to see what type of 
others use.  I am comfortable with double airplane but others have said that
paddle controls work better.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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