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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 08:40:55 +0700
Subject: [Puptcrit] Master Classes in Asian Puppetry with Amy Trompetter

Dear friends,

I was made aware of this list by Steve Kaplan and the Henson  
foundation and now I am hoping that you who read it can help promoting  
or even want to participate in these classes.

If you need more information please ask and send email to

Thank you so much

Manuel Lutgenhorst

Winter Program

Dec 26, 09  - Jan 16, 2010

Master Classes in Asian Puppetry

Behind the Beauty

Thailand / Burma (Myanmar) / United States

-"study and critical discourse of Asian traditional puppetry  
culminating in new collaborative performance"

Application deadline: October 15th, 2009

TUITION: $1,900

Includes: Shared Housing, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The course is limited to 8 students

Send application to:

  Funded by

Asian Cultural Council,


byGitameit Music Center, Yangon

Midnight Academy, Chiangmai

Media Art and Design CMU

Our workshops will give students a hands-on experience fabricating  
puppets using traditional Burmese craft. Students will also work with  
a U.S. faculty (Amy Trompetter) who will be in residence during the  
program and build a giant puppet or two using " age-old paper mache  
techniques". Students will be studying and comparing various puppet  
techniques through intensive workshops. This practical study will be  
accompanied by the study of the history of performance traditions and  
their importance in contemporary society. Research topics include; the  
richness of Asian theater, the profound influence of  Asian tradition  
on Western theater practice, and the flowering of the Avant Garde  
movement East and West. Guest lecturers from Fine Arts, Social Science  
and Humanities from Chiangmai University and students from Chiang Mai  
are also invited to participate in the program.  At the end of the  
three-week session, students and teachers will premier a public  
performance of their collaborative new work for the local community at  
Empty Space Chiangmai and CMU Art Museum.The opportunity to explore  
this lush and beautiful region of Thailand will be made possible  
before the end of the program. All teaching will be conducted in  
English with translators working with the Asian puppet masters as  

Throughout history, a rapt audience watches an object, speak or sing  
or be silent or just breathe=85. They are caught up in the object=92s  
thoughts and feelings. They are entering the object=92s world and  
cheering for its success or its downfall=85

And what of the man, woman or child behind the object as it moves to  
music, interacts with its world, converses=85. ? What thoughts or  
feelings is the person expressing through this object - questions,  
explorations, anger, love, outreach, exploration, teaching=85? What  
message is being promoted?

Reaching back into the process, when the object was created (or  
found), what soul was sculpted (sewn, carved, stapled, molded or  
imagined=85) into its shape?

Quoted Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, January 2007


Sarah Lawrence College

Barnard College

Long Island University

California Institute of the Arts

Fine Arts Chiangmai University

Hobby Hut Puppet Troupe, Chiangmai

Wandering Moon Performing Group, Chiangmai


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