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Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 10:15:08 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Sicilian puppets

In preparation for the production with the Carter Family Marionettes  
that I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been learning about the  
noble Sicilian puppet tradition. I would be interested in any other  
links or information that any of you may have. I posted two articles  
in the past week that may be of interest to this list.

The Carter Family Marionettes and the Opera dei Pupi of Sicily

=93Hope Dies Hard in the Artist=92s Breast=94 =96 Toni Parisi and the Sicilian  
Puppet Tradition

If you find any inaccuracies in these articles, please let me know -  
I'm new to this!

This weekend I am looking into the nexus of commedia troupes, puppets,  
the Medici Court in Florence in the early 17th Century, and Carnival  
in Florence - all of which will influence our upcoming production.

I never received my first post to this listserv - perhaps there's a  
problem with my subscription settings. I have enjoyed the discussions  
I have received however.

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