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Oh, Mathieu!  Don't open that can of worms!  Don't push over that first domino!  Better, I think, to stand up and speak truth than to try to silence the liars.

Brid (the librarian) in Toledo

P.S.  If you're concerned about items in your local public library, ask to see their material selection policy.


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Thanks for this, Susan.

Makes me think about an idea that has been bugging me.

I'm against banning books, but am wondering wether or not to reconsider for
some categories, , when it comes to propagating hatred and discrimination
and close-mindedness.
Some examples that come to mind are propaganda from dictators and mass

Then again, maybe those books should be kept, if only for studying and
finding out what led to such horrible concepts and decisions...
But to have them available in public libraries? I don't know how I would
react to that.

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