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Here's another helpful website for people looking for health insurance -
AHIRC, the Artist's Health Insurance Resource Center run by the Actor's

Currently, as a doctoral student I am actually provided with health
insurance that covers both myself and my wife.  The university only got
around to it through much pressure last year.  For a long time, I was
covered through a group policy obtained by becoming a member of the
Association of Independent Videographers and Filmmakers. Although I really
am neither, the insurance was comparatively reasonable, plus they had a good
magazine and other discounts.


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Thankfully, my family is covered by the excellent New York State Teachers 
Union (my wife is a teacher) policy.  But she is only an adjunct professor 
and her salary is incredibly low.  She keeps the job for the insurance. 
After eight years, she was up for a promotion.  Five full-timers retired, 
but the president of the university commanded "no promotions."

Meanwhile, here again is a link to a site that might help those who pay full

insurance premiums:

I agree with Hobey that Obama must be as forceful in office as he was with 
his election rhetoric.  The Republicans never even allowed the Democrats to 
put forth ideas during the Bush years of destruction.  Now it's time to give

them a taste of their own medicine.

Robert Rogers 

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