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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 12:38:59 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] No one should die because they cannot afford

>Charity is, historically, a word for love.  Lets not lose the love.

I agree with this statement totally, Joe.

But with a couple of qualifications.  First, is affordable health 
care "charity"?  If police, firefighters, road workers and soldiers 
help keep us and our property safe, and if we finance these services 
through a cooperative arrangement (established more or less by our 
own consent) called "government," then how is it that health care is 
so radically different?  And it's hard for me to grasp how the health 
insurance industry promotes "love," except perhaps by causing 
families to go bankrupt and thereby try to live on love.

The second point of departure, confusion really, is that no one's 
seriously proposed a British health care system - which, by the way, 
we do have in the Vets Admin.  It could be argued that the Brits or 
the VA give inferior care on average, but nobody's yet determined how 
many of our vets would get better care if we abolished VA hospitals. 
None of the proposals have the US gov't administering health care. 
The issue is financing it.

Some of the many countries which have better health statistics than 
the US have a totally privatized system, e.g. Switzerland.  But these 
have extremely tight regulation of that industry, much like our 
privately-owned public utilities, with strict requirements on 
coverage and limits on profits.

Personally, I'm pessimistic.  Collectively, we'd rather all go down 
with the sinking ship than risk having somebody on board who might be 
getting a free ride.  I've got Medicare now, so I'm ok for a while, 
at least until somebody rescues me from Socialism, but for the rest 
of you (getting back on-topic), you'd better start booking those 
extra puppet shows.

Peace & joy-
Conrad B.
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