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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 15:04:22 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] No one should die because they cannot afford health

Robert, Robert. How little you understand.

What I see, as a new found Capitalist , is that the fire department and
police forces are *under developed*!

How sad that you puppeteers don't understand how Capitalism really works!
What you are saying is that, "We are liberals that don't understand that
things take money to work. We expect it all for free!"

Development is what this country is based on! The police and fire
departments are government run and *full *of *Bureaucracy*! Government is
badly run by Democrats and by taking *Bureaucracy* out of the business
equation we are able to maximize money spent on what is important, not some
pie-in-the-sky dream. Employees, equipment and my salary. Private Business
is the life-blood of our Economy=99 and makes services faster, cheaper and
beneficial to me as I am running it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm for social justice too! 'Juan', a typical employee
of mine, makes 53.59 (MXN) a day! That is 1.15 pesos *more* an hour than the
lowest paid wage from the Mexican call center that I use to save you money.
While I make a mere $270,000 (USD) annually! Compare that to those fat-cat
liberal college professors at UC Davis. They make nearly $450,000! Just one
department costs nearly $1.75 million dollars a year! Corn production? Come
on! More like *porn* production!

Isn't it just common sense to pay a small fee for quality service?  $355 a
month ($650 if you bundle services) is a small price to pay for the peace of
mind that comes with knowing that your neighbors house is burning down but
yours is safe. Some cities and towns have "volunteer", "social" or
"community based" organizations that 'protect' your house. What? Who wants
to be saved by an ancient 1975 fire truck and a "communist" group of

And the Police force! Come, come. If they're so good, why is there still
crime? $355 a month has one of my *trained* men patrolling your neighborhood
every 90 to 120 minutes *and* a direct phone line to them or with the
enhanced police force, that I will be offering in June of 2010, I will have
a real-live English-speaking Hispanic outside of YOUR house 24 hours a day
for a low $450 a week!

Finally, I know you liberal-arts hippy-types don't understand real business,
after all, why would you be wiggling dolls when you could be making real
money, therefore, you might find it hard to understand that it's a communist
thing to have governmental oversight or government funded rules on my
business practices. Human rights this and asbestos that with all of you.


You are taking out of your own mouths when you ask who, how or where these
services come from or how much I have in stock options. If you want cheap
and fast stop asking the hard questions and sit back and enjoy what America
has to offer, what America can stand for!

I'm going to post this to a conservative blog now.

On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 2:03 PM, Robert Rogers <> wrote:

> I always think:
> 1. If my house catches on fire, and the fire department comes to put it
> out,
> I don't get a bill for its services (other than my taxes).
> 2. If I get robbed, and the police come to my rescue, I don't get a bill
> for
> their services (other than my taxes).
> 3. But if I get sick, I have to be able to afford the itemized bill for my
> medical care.  And if I have insurance, chances are, I have to fight with
> my
> insurance company to pay that bill.
> Fire, theft, health...what's the difference?
> Now, back to building my puppet theater.  More on this soon.
> Robert Rogers
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