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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 18:49:12 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] No one should die because they cannot afford health

Great rant, Tim.
If it came through a swazzle, it could be Mr. Punch running for Ted  
Kennedy's senate seat.


On Sep 4, 2009, at 6:04 PM, Tim Giugni wrote:

> Robert, Robert. How little you understand.
> What I see, as a new found Capitalist , is that the fire department  
> and
> police forces are *under developed*!
> How sad that you puppeteers don't understand how Capitalism really  
> works!
> What you are saying is that, "We are liberals that don't understand  
> that
> things take money to work. We expect it all for free!"
> Development is what this country is based on! The police and fire
> departments are government run and *full *of *Bureaucracy*!  
> Government is
> badly run by Democrats and by taking *Bureaucracy* out of the business
> equation we are able to maximize money spent on what is important,  
> not some
> pie-in-the-sky dream. Employees, equipment and my salary. Private  
> Business
> is the life-blood of our Economy=99 and makes services faster, cheaper  
> and
> beneficial to me as I am running it.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm for social justice too! 'Juan', a typical  
> employee
> of mine, makes 53.59 (MXN) a day! That is 1.15 pesos *more* an hour  
> than the
> lowest paid wage from the Mexican call center that I use to save you  
> money.
> While I make a mere $270,000 (USD) annually! Compare that to those  
> fat-cat
> liberal college professors at UC Davis. They make nearly $450,000!  
> Just one
> department costs nearly $1.75 million dollars a year! Corn  
> production? Come
> on! More like *porn* production!
> Isn't it just common sense to pay a small fee for quality service?   
> $355 a
> month ($650 if you bundle services) is a small price to pay for the  
> peace of
> mind that comes with knowing that your neighbors house is burning  
> down but
> yours is safe. Some cities and towns have "volunteer", "social" or
> "community based" organizations that 'protect' your house. What? Who  
> wants
> to be saved by an ancient 1975 fire truck and a "communist" group of
> firefighters?
> And the Police force! Come, come. If they're so good, why is there  
> still
> crime? $355 a month has one of my *trained* men patrolling your  
> neighborhood
> every 90 to 120 minutes *and* a direct phone line to them or with the
> enhanced police force, that I will be offering in June of 2010, I  
> will have
> a real-live English-speaking Hispanic outside of YOUR house 24 hours  
> a day
> for a low $450 a week!
> Finally, I know you liberal-arts hippy-types don't understand real  
> business,
> after all, why would you be wiggling dolls when you could be making  
> real
> money, therefore, you might find it hard to understand that it's a  
> communist
> thing to have governmental oversight or government funded rules on my
> business practices. Human rights this and asbestos that with all of  
> you.
> Bureaucracy!
> You are taking out of your own mouths when you ask who, how or where  
> these
> services come from or how much I have in stock options. If you want  
> cheap
> and fast stop asking the hard questions and sit back and enjoy what  
> America
> has to offer, what America can stand for!
> I'm going to post this to a conservative blog now.
> On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 2:03 PM, Robert Rogers <
>> wrote:
>> I always think:
>> 1. If my house catches on fire, and the fire department comes to  
>> put it
>> out,
>> I don't get a bill for its services (other than my taxes).
>> 2. If I get robbed, and the police come to my rescue, I don't get a  
>> bill
>> for
>> their services (other than my taxes).
>> 3. But if I get sick, I have to be able to afford the itemized bill  
>> for my
>> medical care.  And if I have insurance, chances are, I have to  
>> fight with
>> my
>> insurance company to pay that bill.
>> Fire, theft, health...what's the difference?
>> Now, back to building my puppet theater.  More on this soon.
>> Robert Rogers
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