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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 21:05:20 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] 3rd annual Gathering of Puppeteers

As relating to the 3rd annual Gathering of Puppeteers:

Hello, and Thank You All,

       As you all know, People make a party, and what a rare and
wonderful Gathering it was.

My rough count was 30 puppeteers representing 4 guilds. NJ was well

We all seemed to enjoy ourselves immensely..

Lets see if we can work this universe to do this again and again.

Everybody brought something to the event, Special mention of Steven's

There are some fun vids and some great photos trickling in. Thanks
all for that TOO !

I leave about 1/3 of the exhibit pieces up until needed in a show ...
that could be years for some shows.

Be inspired! ... and we should think Potlatch.

There is something in the works in lieu of a regional festival.

Get to work ! The world needs puppeteers!

Friend and Colleague,
Artie Poore

ready for release .......................soon
Geo at the Workbench  DVD


On Sep 3, 2009, at 1:30 PM, wrote:
>I second Fred's thank you, and I raise him a thank you.  Artie, I
>know it is a lot of work to put these puppet days together, and I
>just wanted you to know that it is much appreciated.
>       Bob N.
>A great big thank you to Artie for hosting a wonderful gathering of
>puppeteers at his home! it was so great to see everyone and get
>caught up and tour Artie's wonderful collection
>Thanks everyone for great afternoon!
>Fred Greenspan - Traditional Puppeteer
>Ossining, New York
>Punch & Judy, Italian marionettes, flea circus
>Photo by Sondra Greenspan

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