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Corporate greed is the key here. American Family Insurance is a fortune 500 Company with Nine Billion is assets. So of course my premium needs to go up $961 a quarter to make sure they don't go broke. To my way of thinking the only way to get everyone insured is some sort of pricing regulation making insurance affordable based on?the individuals income, not?the need for premiums based on share holders dividends.?Now I'm sure American Family does not mind losing my business because now they do not carry the risk of paying for another kidney surgery for me, or for a heart attack or cancer.? The older you get the less they want to insure you age equals risk to the health insurance companies

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There is nothing in the corporate model that says take care and do
your best for the customer.  It is about making money for the stock
holders.  After last year that should be pretty clear.  Corporations
don't have a conscience. They need external rules put on them to
behave well  The medical industry is an arena where corporations can
make a lot of money.  Its is a plum to pick.   What we see here in our
health system is a feeding frenzy.  There is no motivation to fix it
from within unless parties can rig it to their benifit.  The
republican side is using fear tactics to scare its constituants, but
the real motivation on that side is the insurance companies who would
come out very well indeed if they have their way.  Health care is a
basic human need that deserves more sensitivity than the rest of the
market place.  Capitalism can be a wonderful thing but in this arena
the results have created a system that is exclusive.  If you have
money you get great care.  If you are unfortunate  you're life could
lie in the balance.  I don't see why a caring human civization can't
set rampant profiteering aside in this one arena.  We need a health
care plan with a public option to break the monopoly.  We  need a
health care system that exists to serve people and works for the
common good.  Lets point out too that those countries which have
socialized medicine have statistics showing people living longer, and
healthier, with lower infant mortality.  Lets remember too that it was
a lack of oversight and regulation on banks and corporations that
created the lovely economy we are in right now.
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