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I'm not sure if anyone responded to this as I'm behind in my reading... but

The University of Melbourne's course has been shut down indefinitely, due to
a range of funding/organisational issues. There are a lot of things going
on, so for those interested, check out for info.

The only other place that has a puppetry component in Australia is also in
Melbourne: Swinburne University. This however, is not a solely
puppetry-based course.

There is plenty going on in Australia - if anyone needs any help locating
some info, please let me know. I am the new webmaster for UNIMA Australia's
site, and also run a very popular site (link below) which focuses on
puppetry in Australia.


Naomi Guss

Puppets in Melbourne 

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Hi All
If you are traveling and looking for puppetry, check and see if the country
has a chapter of UNIMA, and try to contact them on line
UNIMA Australia is

You are in luck. Many consider Melbourne to be a major center of the arts in
Australia, and many puppeteers live in the Melbourne area.

The University of Melbourne has a puppetry program chaired by the very
gifted and  very will informed puppeteer, Peter Wilson
Polyglot Puppet Theatre in Melbourne was founded in 1978

(Spare Parts is in Perth. They do amazing work, but Perth is all the way on
the other side of Australia from Melbourne)

Ronnie Burkett finishes his run at the Sydney Opera House on Oct 17

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 10:19 AM, Kathleen David <> wrote:

>  I find myself, all of the sudden, traveling to Australia and New
> Zealand next month. My husband is the guest of the Armageddon Expo
> this October so we will be in Melbourne and Auckland during the
> convention dates.
> So what is out there that a puppetmaker should not miss?
> Kath
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