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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 23:15:44 +0100

Aljazeera has come a long way since it was launched in November 1996.

Today the channel that sent shockwaves through the whole Arab world
from its very first day on air has become a global name which people,
governments, and decision-makers cannot afford to ignore.

With more than 30 bureaus and dozens of correspondents covering
the four corners of the world Aljazeera has given millions of people
a refreshing new perspective on global events.

Free from the shackles of censorship and government control, Aljazeera
has offered its audiences in the Arab world much needed freedom of thought,
independence, and room for debate. In the rest of the world, often dominated
by the stereotypical thinking of news “heavyweights”, Aljazeera offers
a different and a new perspective.

Aljazeera's correspondents opened a window for the world on the millennium’s
first two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our expanded coverage competed with
and sometimes outperformed our competitors bringing into the spotlight the
devastating impact on the lives of ordinary people.

We continue to cover all viewpoints with objectivity integrity and balance.

So now when Aljazeera speaks, the world listens and “reads”. is the online version of the same Aljazeera.

In January 2001, (Arabic) was launched as the first mainstream
Arabic news site, and, in no time, it rose to the top of the Arab media.
In 2002, (Arabic) received more than 811 million impressions
and 161 million visits.

Boiling topics and heated debates along with objective news reporting
and interactive feedback are the attributes that put
amongst the 50 most visited sites worldwide.

Yet more is to come with’s latest Arabic version. The new
design is a first step towards the creation of an integrated network of
Aljazeera websites. The upgrade is designed to offer the visitor four
sources of online information:  News, Knowledge, Channel, and Business.

The four sites are integrated through a portal that shows the latest
and most important content in each site.

News is an Arabic news site which offers comprehensive coverage
of world affairs and developments.

Knowledge offers an in-depth view of what goes on beyond the daily
flow of news through analysis, research, and comprehensive studies.

The Channel is Aljazeera’s special site. It shows the channel’s
latest developments and keeps a complete record of what it produces
in a huge database that is made available to the audience.

Business is Aljazeera’s electronic marketing tool, selling web services
and the channel’s various productions.


Today, as we officially break the “language barrier” with
our dream of bringing “people and continents together” is coming true. A new
window of opportunity to see the world through is now opening. English goes behind the scenes to provide every visitor with
“the news they don’t see”, daringly and boldly as Aljazeera always does.

The website promises to raise traditionally sidelined questions and issues.
It upholds the same philosophy of the mother organisation: “The right to
speak up”.
This translates into allowing everyone to express their opinion freely,
debates, viewpoints and counter viewpoints. English has been designed to attract readers from continents
poles-apart. Not only does English offer a versatile content
of news and information, but it also aims to be more interactive.

Our ultimate goal is to set up a more proactive relationship with our
where the audience is not simply a visitor at the other end of the line.
They are and they will always be an integral part of the news reporting
and news making process.

Our team of dedicated journalists with their multi-national education
and diversified backgrounds share a common set of attributes: objectivity,
accuracy, and a passion for truth.

Truth will be the force that will drive us to raise thorny issues,
to seize every opportunity for exclusive reporting, to take hold of
unforgettable moments in history and to rekindle the willpower within
every human being who strives for truth.


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