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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 22:47:43 -0700 (PDT)

One question they did not ask Ms. Rice.

Has anyone in the administration asked the Saudis to
stop funding madaris (religious schools) in other

That is half of the war on terrorism won right there.

News from Pakistan tells that these madaris are still
going strong and new ones are popping up. Money is
still flowing into their coffers. And I guess that's
what's still going on in other countries.

Is it the fluoride in the water that makes americans
stupid? Are they really being programmed by subliminal
messages on Fox News? are they all pods?

Saudis were America's partners in crime in creating
the "mujahideen" phenom. (along with pakis). Americans
funded and trained and supported all the bearded hole
hiders. Ok. they made a mistake which bit them on the
ass, acknowledge it and correct it. The saud family
are even more US lapdogish then Blair (if such extreme
brown nosing is possible) and all they really need is
strict "No" and a whack on the nose with a rolled up

But no one is asking these questions. not even Kerry's

I can even understand Bush, gunning for Saddam cause
"He tried to kill my daddy"

what I fail to understand is the US public,
lemmingishly following the media pied piper in
blindfolded circles chopping off their tails. (its
late at night, excuse any mixed metaphors).

But I have a hypothesis.

Since moving to Canada, my exposure to US media has
increased. One thing I have noticed is americans have
opinions. about everything. A guy sitting in Badass,
Texas knows exactly what happened in a hotel room in
Colorado. Who is innocent and who is guilty. Or who
killed the pregnant mother in california, Or what
Martha Stewart did, or who has wmd.

No one asked for an opinion ever says "I don't have a
fucking clue"

a paranoia about appearing clueless?

And why not. The networks on the average have an
opinion poll every 30 minutes. Most network news shows
end with a poll, some have 2 or 3. And even if you
don't actually answer by phone or email, you are being
led into thinking in terms of yes or no. Guest Experts
on all sides of any and all issues always have very
definite opinions. The case has just gone to court and
two lawyers are sitting on TV, saying Guilty. Not
Guilty. All you have to do is agree with one of the

Once you have an opinion you gotta defend it.  
Once you have an opinion no need to actually try to
find out what is going on.

uninformed opinions are not the exclusive domain of
the americans. everyone has them. Ask anyone in the
streets of Baghdad, or Karachi, or Amman about 9/11
and they will tell you that Mossad flew those planes
by remote control.

But, I think it is only in the US where people  are
being trained systematically not to think.

too much caffeine and nicotine and tomorrow the only
good thing to come out of religion. A holiday!!! I'll
be off to bed.



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