File spoon-archives/anarchy-list.archive/anarchy-list_2004/anarchy-list.0404, message 26

Subject: Re: little question for Londoners
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 23:14:18 -0700

Ze Sprout said:

> I'll be happy to oblige : are you already there around 25th of June
? Otherwise you have to pop over to Brussels (and in august i'll be
staying three weeks in Boston, MA)
> Erik

hey Erik,

not sure of my dates in old blighty; the company i'm working for is
supposed to lay us all off but they keep postponing it . . . so i may
have to come later in the summer.

going to bean town, eh?  used to live there briefly a millenium ago.

anyway, i'm still hoping to be in london in june.



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