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Subject: Re: yippi yi eh
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 20:55:28 -0700

Ali sez:

> Looks like they are prepping the public for an "event"
> Rice: Terror possible before November
> WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is bracing for
> possible terrorist attacks before the November
> presidential election, national security adviser
> Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

Hey you crazy canuk, is it giant blood-sucking fly/mosquito season

she wishes there'll be an attack.  and i suspect someone will oblige
her.  this administration is an al queda dream come true.  they'll be
glad to coordinate with the republican central campaign committee to
get maximum political benefit.

the bushies have to be the most inept, clueless leadership of any
major state.  hell, the fucking italians are better organized.  that's
what is so unsettling about them:  they are unpredictable because,
like small children, even they don't know what they really want.

now that they have committed the bulk of the military to a
never-ending occupation of iraq/afghanland, one would think that
humility might intrude.  while the US hasn't yet been defeated, it has
been humiliated and weakened, especially over the last month or so.
but defeat is a distinct possibility.

so how do we expect them to respond?  i think that the hard-core
neo-cons want to pick a fight with syria or, better yet, iran and just
dive in deeper.  they are truly deluded about the nature of the
opposition to amerika's new West Bank.  i suspect that the uniformed
military, already aghast at the mess they are in (can anybody say N
korea?), will probably put the kybosh to any more extreme adventurism,
but it just goes to show how out of the loop the rummy/wolfie crowd
still are.

what a mess.  and i fear that my fellow citizen sheep will keep this
bunch in office for four more years.  still in doubt, but i fear the
worst.  so how IS canada these days?  any room left up there?



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