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Subject: Re: yippi yi eh
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:08:12 -0700

> i just read today that according to the Wall Street Journal the
election of the socialist Zapatero in Spain is a return to the Franco
> What's going on in the u$ ????
> Do people really buy that ????
> Is the lack of historicism the new religion oer there ????

well, substantively, i think about a third of us support this nonsense
fully, about a third oppose it as insanity, and about a third are
suspicious but see no alternative to bulling ahead and 'seeing it
through' as it were.  just saw a poll that about 33% support
increasing troop strength, so there you are.

no, rabid x-tianity is the new religion; for a lot of evangelicals
this is a real crusade, just like in the old days.

as for our famous lackof historicism . . . i had a talk with a nice,
blue-haired lady from my parents' baptist church in north carolina.
she was completely aware that the state of israel contained the
Israelites (just like in the bible), but she was quite shocked when i
informed her that the place was also full of jews as well (more like
NY).  the world is what you've seen on tv.

> I'll be in the u$a in august so that means that you u$ guys and gals
have exactly 3 months to change "The Ssystem".
> Start right now.
> Erik

should be an interesting time to be here!  you're in boston i think
you said, so  at least it's in a 'blue' state.  just imagine being in
texas during this!



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