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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:12:42 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: yippi yi eh (god is with us)

Well in the US there is a very large group of people,
Evangelical armageddonists or somesuch, who are very
very happy with the current events and very vocal in
their support of the current state of affairs. Some
estimates place nearly 50% to 60% of the 100 million
evangelicals in the US as "Christian Zionists"

These christian zionists believe that the second
coming of Jesus will only happen when Isreal streches
from the "Nile to the Euphrates" and the Temple is
rebuilt. Jesus will then lead the battle of armageddon
and kill all who do not go into Jesus. (including the
jews who do not convert.) after which he will rule for
a thousand years.

During Bush the First's election campaign, Dubya was
appointed as the pointman to these groups to secure
their votes. He still has very strong links with them,
and this recent full support for Isreal is pandering
to these groups for their votes ahead of the election.

I don't believe that Bush and Cabal are religious
fundos themselves. Rich people seldom are, their only 
religion is money. If Jesus came down today and asked
bush to give up all his cash, guess who will be
getting a one way ticket to Guntamano Bay.

Some interest links,2763,820528,00.html



--- Ze Sprout <> wrote:
> thanks
> personally i find this very scaring (being an old
> school anarchist of the "ni dieu ni
> maître"-kind)(and yes i know there were also old
> school anarchist of the xtian kind etc...).
> but on the other hand this probably means that lots
> of people are not happy with the state of things as
> they are now.
> i just wished anti-autoritarian thought and action
> could profit of that, instead of seeking personal
> fulfilment or answers in old and new writings
> glorifying some allmighty god or power or thing or
> unnameble it.
> erik
> At 08:15 -0500 22-04-2004, DK Sanders-Weatherford
> wrote:
> >i just read this and thought it timely for this
> list:
> >
> >People in the United States are praying more,
> reading the Bible
> >more and seeking one-on-one spiritual counseling.
> Barna
> >Research Group finds 44 percent of Americans
> surveyed in 2004
> >said they read the Bible weekly outside church, up
> from 36
> >percent in 1999. Eighty-three percent of those
> surveyed in 2004
> >said they had prayed to God in the past week, up
> from 77
> >percent in 1999, the Christian Science Monitor
> reports. Because
> >of the demand for one-on-one spiritual counseling,
> the number
> >of spiritual directors worldwide is up to 4,300
> from 3,500 in
> >1998, says Spiritual Directors International.
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