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Subject: Re: god is with us
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 14:40:57 -0500

Pfui! The onliest thing I fear is Mr Know-it-all.


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Subject: RE: god is with us

> People are anxious and afraid, whether they are afraid of Arab-Muslims, or
> the Neoconservatives, or whatever.  The fearful turn toward authority for
> protection, a fact that benefits both church and state.  Even the
> center-left types who loathe the neoconservatives view the state as the
> tool for dislodging the neoconservatives (via legal prosecution, new
> legislation, elections, etc.).  This pattern will predispose people
> anarchism, even when they understand what anarchism is really about.
> believe that in the absence of strong authority, evil runs freely.
> Still, when people are dissatisfied, as they are, they are more open to
> ideas.  This state of flux opens doors for ANY new approaches, including
> anarchism.  Now it is our job to convince people that evil is least
> in a society where everyone is empowered freely and equally.  In a true
> market of ideas, anarchism is a strong contender, so it seems to me the
> critical immediate task is to work for a true free market of ideas.
> -Mark
> Houston
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> thanks
> personally i find this very scaring (being an old school anarchist of the
> "ni dieu ni maître"-kind)(and yes i know there were also old school
> anarchist of the xtian kind etc...).
> but on the other hand this probably means that lots of people are not
> with the state of things as they are now.
> i just wished anti-autoritarian thought and action could profit of that,
> instead of seeking personal fulfilment or answers in old and new writings
> glorifying some allmighty god or power or thing or unnameble it.
> erik


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