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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 22:18:35 -0500
Subject: Re: LibCapitalism, Enemy of Rationality

     Since capitalism is two (or more) individuals mutually
     trading without the coercion or regulation or mandate
     of a non-involved third party ...
    sigh.  you mean like sex?
Not really, but we can certainly pretend if it helps
your pleasing vision.

    when a definition (in this case capitalism) becomes
    so porous and denuded (hey, i'm getting horny) of
    content and meaning, then it must be libcap time
    on the list.
Aaah  ... the continued failure to comprehend the
difference between PRIVATE and GOVERNMENT.
Roll out the fallacy and the childish name-calling.


If I had to point out the characteristic trait that
differentiates socialism from [a proper view of the
political economy], I should find it here. Socialism
includes a countless number of sects. Each one has
its own utopia, and we may well say that they are so
far from agreement that they wage bitter war upon one
another. Between M. Blanc's organized social workshops
and M. Proudhon's anarchy, between Fourier's
association and M. Cabet's communism, there is
certainly all the difference between night and day.
What then, is the comon denominator to which all forms
of socialism are reducible, and what is the bond that
unites them against natural society, or society as
planned by Providence? There is none except this:
They do not want natural society. What they want is
an artificial society, which has come forth full-grown
from the brain of its inventor... They quarrel over
who will mould the human clay, but they agree that
there is human clay to mould. Mankind is not in their
eyes a living and harmonious being endowed by God
Himself with the power to progress and to survive,
but an inert mass that has been waiting for them to
give it feeling and life; human nature is not a subject
to be studied, but matter on which to perform experiments.
-- Frédéric Bastiat


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