File spoon-archives/anarchy-list.archive/anarchy-list_2004/anarchy-list.0412, message 43

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 21:30:35 +0000
Subject: Re: LibCapitalism, Enemy of Rationality

love the quote:

Taken literally, the famous formula,
property is theft, is therefore absurdity raised to the nth
degree. It would be no less outlandish to say that theft is
property; that what is legal is illegal; that what is, is
not, etc.  -- Frédéric Bastiat

which shows how non-anarchist "anarcho"-capitalism actually is.

I always find it funny seeing propertarians try and steal the
name of anarchism and libertarian to describe their private
statism. don't they have any respect for the rights of first
occupacy and use?



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