File spoon-archives/anarchy-list.archive/anarchy-list_2004/anarchy-list.0412, message 51

Subject: Re: LibCapitalism, Enemy of Rationality
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 21:50:34 -0800

> MJ
> Well, Cocksucker (is that the correct protocol?) I suppose
> you would FIRST need to define what it is you imagine
> 'private coercion' to entail.

okay here's one:  can two parties, in your view, enter into a contract
that enslaves one of the parties in perpetuity?  after all, i know
some folks here in seattle who would enjoy all the chains and whips
and stuff.

and try to lighten up there sport.  if you really want to discuss
substance, you have the chance.  but you're just mr. grumpy-pants
aren't you?



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