File spoon-archives/anarchy-list.archive/anarchy-list_2004/anarchy-list.0412, message 96

Subject: Re: Lib-Caps are Dumb.
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 20:14:16 +0000

>From: "roger" <>

>oh yeah, did you catch her comments in the press on the coming
>Earth-Sea Trilogy TV series?  she's dissing it pretty hard, though in
>a good-natured way, and is distancing herself completely.  bad sign
>for the show.

No, but I'm not surprised.  I figured it would probably be a piece of crap.  
After two attempts at Dune, I've pretty much given up on TV adaptations of 
science fiction novels.  Although David Lynch had some pretty interesting 
visual effects in his version of Dune--the stuff in Harkonnen's place was 
really freaky.


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