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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 21:02:33 GMT
Subject: Subversion web-site

I've been busy html-ing and can now announce(!) that I've put three more
things on our site:

1.  Subversion 17 - important in that it contained our first references to
the anti-roads struggles.  It also contained an interesting review of the
change in the structure of the working class, casualisation and new
technology (I say interesting, becasue we didn't write it, so I'm not
bragging, am I?) There were a couple of letters about animal rights
responding to an article we'd put in the previous issue about the anti-live
export struggles in Britain. Finally an article on the way the Local State
recuperates and controls and a review of John Crump's pamphlet on Anarchist
Communism in Japan.

2.  Subversion 19 -   The Liverpool Dockers, the Job seekers Allowance, the
End of Anarchism, Postal Workers strikes,  Democracy and Revolution and an
Open Letter to Class War - the start of a correspondence that is till
running in #21.

3.  Unmasking the Zapatistas - an article from Wildcat #18.  I'd been
meaning to do this one for ages.  It links straight onto the CAN website
article from Greece on the Zaps.

I've also put up a links page.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to
web sites I could add to this.


Subversion Home Page and texts on the German Revolution:

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